Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike

Critical Cycles Men’s Beach Cruiser 1-Speed Bike

  • 26 inch beach cruiser with a classic longboard frame
  • Wide tires, cushy saddle and soft foam grips for a comfortable ride
  • Hand-built steel frame for better shock absorption and a softer ride than Aluminum
  • Single-speed bicycle complete with coaster brakes and kickstand
  • High handlebars for an upright riding position

Critical Cycles rolls out a re-envisioned beach cruiser. Its hand-built steel frame comes in a longboard style, boasting a classic but thicker top tube. This beefier look is sure to supplement your already prime mix of rugged and debonair. Whether your intentions with this bike are to use it and abuse it as a daily commuter (which you can totally do) or take it on leisurely strolls down the beach boardwalk (hopefully whispering sweet nothings into your darling’s ear), you’ll be doing so in style
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