Framed Pro 29+ Rear Bike Wheel

Framed Pro 29+ Rear Bike Wheel

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Spoke: 36, 14Ga. Stainless Steel with Brass Nipple
  • Hub; Sealed Quanta
  • Hub Width: 190mm
  • Rim Width: 50mm with rectangular cut outs

FRAMED hasmade PLUS size the new cool size! Now you can set up your fatty withthe FRAMED 29+ Wheels and run the new ôPlusö size tires for an incredible crosscountry adventure. These new ôPlusö size wheelsets refer to a 3 inch width tirethat offers some of the benefits of fat bikes in a more manageable platform for trailand all terrain use. This is less bulky and still offers great traction with alarge contact patch and lots of extra float to keep you going in rough terrain.Make sure you orde
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